How a painting gets made:

Example: - Lucifer (Light Bringer or Light Bearer)

Here is the very first sketch.  The idea was a magician creating a ball of light.  I don't really know where the iea came from.  You cansee that I knew from the start I wanted him in some sort of cavern.


On this next page I figure out a few details.  The position of the hands was of particular importance.  I work out a few things about the backgrond and the costume.  I also gave some thought on how to photograph a model for this painting but decided onmy original hand placement and so did not need the photo idea.  There are lots of notes written all over this one.


I rarely do small color sketches to figure out colors but this time I did.  There are faint notes indicating that I wanted the belt gem to be green and the chest gem to be black.

This is of course the final.