The Art of N. Taylor Blanchard


By partnering with I can now offer various merchandise containing my images.  Each shop contains items (mugs, mousepads, calendars, etc.) with that particular image.  To visit a shop just click on the image.

 For Prints, please visit my Print Page.

Wildlife Shops

Wildlife Calendar

Bobcat shop

Hunters in the Mist shop

Enthroned shop

Falling Water shop

Forest Snowfall shop

Bright Angel shop

Snow Wings shop

Guarding her Cubs shop

Le Baiser de la Fee shop

Turning to Strike shop

Reading Glass shop

Eminence shop

Lessons shop

Wolf Moon Rising shop

Cubs Scouting shop

Osprey shop

High Meadow shop

The King Above the Clouds

Overlook shop

Snow Song shop

Brother Bear shop

Hawkeye shop

 Treetop Landing

Chasing Butterflies shop

Spirit of the Wild

Snow Bears

Winter Wolf


Spirit of Freedom

Together for Life

On Silent Wings

 Timeless Wisdom

 Timeless Wisdom (w/motto)

Snow Watcher




Peek - a - Boo

Cooper's Hawk


Fantasy and Science Fiction Shops

Dragons Calendar

 Winter Dragon Shop

Summer Dragon Shop

Reading Glass shop

Companions (detail) shop

The Cave

Guardians shop

Rainbow Falls



Dragon Tales shop

In the House of Stone and Light

 Game Players

Dragon Dance

Better than Bubbles shop

 The Return


 The Book of the Dark Dragon

A Fair and Luminus Cloud

 Snow Beast



Celtic Treasure



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