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New Merchandise

I'm now selling Greeting Cards, Bookmarks and Magnets.  Use the links to see what's available.

Giclee Prints

I am offering Giclee Prints of some of my paintings.  To learn more about Giclee Prints click here.

Merchandise Shops

You can purchase various items (Calendars, Mugs, Mousepads, etc.) with images of some of my paintings from CafePress.com.   Click here to visit my Shops.

Fun Quote

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein

Lakota Wolf Preserve

I recently visited the Lakota Wolf  Preserve in Columbia, NJ.  I had a wonderful time on a "Wolf Watch".  I even howled with the packs.   They have about two dozen wolves which you can view at fairly close range.  I'd recommend the preserve to anyone interested in wolves, wildlife in general or just interested in a fun and fascinating place to take the family.  Their Web site is www.lakotawolf.com

I intend to go back for a guided photo session where I'll get even closer to these beautiful animals and be able to photo them without a fence in the way.  So far the weather has not cooperated

Current and Recent Work:

I'm working on the cover for Shining Steel  by Lawrence Watt Evans for "Books on Demand" publisher:



Conventions and Art Shows:

My future Art Show schedule looks like this:

October, 2012

Wildlife Art and Wood Carving Show - Wayne NJ (tentative)

 Spring, 2013

 Delaware Valley "Artistry in Wood" Carving and Wildlife Art Show - Oxford Valley PA


What's Old? - Stories and reports from some time ago

1999 Grand Canyon Trip

There we were, staring into the jaws of death! - Bears!!!!




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